Quality & TAT

We have highly trained staff in a multitude of specialties that are ready to tackle all of your transcription outsourcing needs. In addition, FlairScribe is committed to ongoing education for our Transcriptionists and staff by keeping them abreast of the latest medical news, medications, tools, and procedures.

We have made a commitment to our customers to provide 98.5% accuracy on all documents within the Turnaround Time (TAT) that is established by the client. You may also call us to flag a particular report as a STAT report to give it priority in the system for a minimal fee. We have a team of Quality Assurance (QA) Editors that validate reports as they go through the system. Should a transcriptionist get a difficult dictator, she can upload the report to our QA department to check the document for accuracy. If the QA department encounters a problem, that report can then be sent to Quality Control (QC) for a third check. This equates to fewer blank lines, or non-transcribed areas, in your reports.