HIPAA Compliance/Security

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAA of 1996, was formulated to adopt standardized security measures that would protect sensitive patient data against unauthorized disclosure during electronic exchange. At FlairScribe, all our services are molded according to the needs and requirements of the HIPAA.

Physical Security
All our facilities can only be accessed by authorized staff that is highly trained and cognizant with regards to our services. The entry is controlled by a login key.

Information Security
All our incoming ports are protected by filters and a firewall; system access is only offered to FTP and management ports. SSL supports the access of our server by our clients and only a valid login name and password is given access. Only encrypted files are sent across the internet. Even if the files are intercepted en-route, no one can decode them as they are configured around stringent security standards.

Data Access
All our transcriptions process dictations and reports on workstations, connected to the company’s private network. No floppy drives, disc drives etc are present on these workstations, which prevent download, transmission or printing of information. Recordable media are strictly prohibited within the premises of the facility.

All FlairScribe employees sign a confidentiality agreement, and if asked for, we supply a copy of this agreement to our clients. Our computer systems have active security; monitored 24x7, with automated and real-time network intrusion detection.

Emergency Contingency plans are in effect to facilitate continuity of operations. Hard-copy documents related to clients/patients are disposed of with the shredding of the said documents.

This is just a brief cross-section of all the HIPAA guidelines that have been adopted as a part of our working processes. For more information, you can contact us directly and learn more about our stringent data security and compliance procedures.